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Model T403

Model T403

Product Unavailable

This product has been discontinued. Please see it's replacement product, the Model 290 Series.


The T403 transducers have been designed to complement shallow water echo sounder surveying operations typically carried out by Port and River Authorities. 

Eliminating the need to deploy a tow fish, these sidescan transducers can be mounted directly onto the hull and inclined downwards away from the surface, to provide useful “fill-in data” between adjacent survey runs.

Both transducer types are available with or without calibration which is traceable to National Standards.

Technical Specification

Resonant Frequency (Nominal)
  • 200 kHz
Beam Pattern
  • Horizontal Switchable Wide/Narrow
Beam Pattern Horizontal
  • 1.6/0.9 Degrees
Beam Pattern Vertical
  • 16.0 Degrees
  • 10 kHz
Transmit Sensitivity
  • 177/182 dB re 1uPa/V @ 1m
Receive Sensitivity
  • -187 dB re 1V/uPa
Nominal Impedance
  • 75 Ohms
Transmit Voltage / Duty Cycle (Max)
  • 750 Vrms @ 10%

Mechanical Specification

Weight Air/Water (including 10m cable)
  • 5.2 kg / 1.4 kg
  • Not fitted as standard
  • (Optional Customer Specific)
Operating Temperature
  • -5 to +40 °C
  • Beam Selection Switch Box
Storage Temperature
  • -40 to +80 °C
Cable Type
  • Ø12mm Polyurethane Jacket, Screened 4 Core
Operating Depth
  • 600m Standard
  • (Optional 2000m – both may require an export license)
Cable Length
  • 10 metres standard
  • (Additional lengths supplied to order)

Our Company

Formed in 1990, Neptune Sonar is now the leading company in underwater transducer technology, offering one of the world's largest and most comprehensive range of undersea defence and commercial transducers.

Based in the UK, our research and manufacturing operation is located on a 25-acre site in East Yorkshire. With a 60,000 square metre trials lake and a floating calibration laboratory, the site provides an extensive range of facilities supporting every aspect of acoustic transducer development from modelling and design to final product acceptance.

We also provide PZT components from our Zeus Piezoceramics facility in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

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