Acoustic Calibration Service

Neptune Sonar’s on site, open-water Acoustic Calibration Laboratory
Neptune Sonar’s on site, open-water Acoustic Calibration Laboratory

The largest privately owned laboratory of its type in the UK, it is equipped with the most technically advanced instrumentation and software providing engineers and scientists with the ability to perform accurate underwater measurements on a wide range of underwater acoustic equipment.

Available to hire, manufacturers and end-users alike will find the facility invaluable whether calibrating a single hydrophone or establishing the underwater performance of a complex sonar system.

The 17m x 10m floating platform carries two measurement laboratories connected to the shore by a 40m long gangway. The ease of access provided by this gangway offers significant benefits over the use of boats by simplifying the movement and deployment of heavy equipment, reducing Health and Safety risks.

The laboratory is ISO 9001-2008 certified. All the Reference Standards are regularly calibrated in-house using the Reciprocity/Trimetric method and certified to National Standards. This calibration is carried out at various times throughout the year to compensate for water temperature variations. All uncertainty calculations are performed by the laboratory’s bespoke software for each discreet frequency.

The laboratory is capable of performing the following measurements:

Complex Impedance / Admittance: Fully automated test presenting Polar, Cartesian and Numerical formats

Beam Pattern: In either Transmit or Receive mode, automatic indication of –3dB, –10dB and side lobe levels

Sound Pressure Levels: Fully automated Receive and Transmit Sensitivity and Source Level Measurements, presenting Linear, Log and Numerical formats

Phase and Time: Bearing and time accuracies for sensors and/or systems

Simulated Depth Measurements: Submersible GRP pressure pot designed to simulate acoustic performance and calibration measurements down to depths of 650 metres

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Acoustic Calibration Laboratory Facilities

  • 60,000 square metre fresh water lake, 10m depth
  • 17m x 10m raft platform, with 4.9m x 2.3m moon pool
  • Direct access via a 40m x 2m wide gangway
  • Frequency range from < 1kHz to 1MHz
  • A wide range of calibrated reference Hydrophones and Projectors
  • Measurement certificates – all fully traceable to National Standards.
  • Simulated depth using submersible GRP acoustic pressure vessel
  • Power Supply 20 amp 3 phase 50Hz.
  • Cranes and handling equipment, capable of deploying transducers up to 2000kg.
  • Site security approved by the UK Ministry of Defence.
  • Research & Development laboratory
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage area
  • Telephone, fax, email & internet access
  • Quiet rural surroundings
  • A car park for direct access to the facility